Our Vision

We believe that Brazil has the potential to become a world-class ecotourism and adventure tourism destination home to outfitters exceling not only in service, but also in social-environmental concerns and being capable of providing customers with fun, exciting and safe experiences.

Our Mission

To transform ecotourism and adventure tourism in real economic terms, thereby creating wealth, jobs and taxes in a sustainable way, and consequently inserting ecotourism companies in the productive sector of tourism in a professional and responsible manner. We believe that by accomplishing this, we will be able to turn outdoor living/exploring into an economic, environmental and social way of evolving the tourism industry as a whole.

Our Values

Safety and professionalism are the core base of our values at ABETA along with knowledge, transparency, cooperation and sustainability, all of which are indispensable elements of our principles, as well as optimism which has also been a big part of our core values.

We are proud to see that the Brazilian Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Trade Association (ABETA) founded in 2004 to represent and promote Brazilian Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism has become a national reference. This has been the result of a joint dream shared by small business owners willing to bet on the country’s natural resources to be used in tourism.

Having members spread throughout Brazil, ABETA currently has a qualified network of professionals and businesses that have mastered the most fundamental safety rules without forgetting sustainability principles (or the fun!) – the main component for every outdoor tour activity. ABETA is a pioneer in the qualification and certification in adventure tourism in Brazil. This represents world recognition to its members, a real conquest linked to safety management developed by the association’s partnership in the creation of technical norms developed by ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Norms).

This is what we are and what we would like to continue to be.

Our Goals

  • Represent and defend the interest of our members.
  • Promote our segment, its products and services in Brazil and overseas.
  • Qualify and develop the best industry practices, aimed at a sustainable development
  • Develop partnerships with other associations as well as private and public institutions that assist and work for the development of tourism in Brazil.
  • Stimulate events, research and studies that may contribute to the knowledge and promotion of Brazilian ecotourism and adventure tourism.